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Wlastimil HOFMAN (1881-1970), "Chick."

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Estimations: 7 212 - 12 019 EUR
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Author: Wlastimil Hofman
Title: Chick

Technique: oil, cardboard
Dimensions: 33.5 x 48.2 cm
Dimensions with frame: 44 x 59 cm
Signed p.d.: "Wlastimil Hofmann"

The featured painting is part of a peculiar series of Wlastimil Hofman's works showing children gazing at the body of a dead bird, a scene constituting a motif sometimes referred to in the context of the artist's work as a "bird funeral." These symbolic representations recurred in various periods of Wlastimil Hofman's painting activity, but were most common in the interwar period.
The offered work shows two silhouettes in bust. Positioned on the right is a girl with chestnut-colored, braided hair holding a yellow chick in her hands, which both figures are looking at - the one shown on the left has been portrayed in the convention of the nude, with half-length, red-blonde hair and a string of red beads hanging around her neck. In the background stretches a landscape with rural buildings. In the distance, on the right side of the composition, Wlastimil Hofman has placed another group of figures with, it seems, an indecipherable symbolic meaning - a standing nude of a young man and a girl in a dark skirt sitting by him - the appearance of these sketched silhouettes, especially in the context of hairstyles and hair colors, seems to repeat the physiognomies of the models shown in the foreground.
The symbolism of the bird in the visual and literary arts is quite broad, but is mainly based on elements such as the human soul, life and the freedom associated with the ability to fly. Thus, a dead chick held by young people can signify the end of a certain, most beautiful stage in life, years of joy and innocence. It can also be interpreted more broadly - as a sign of transience and the impending end.
It is worth mentioning that the painting is signed with the artist's surname spelled with two "n "s, which suggests that it was created in the 20th interwar period - the period most valued in the context of this painter's work in terms of art and collecting.

Wlastimil Hofman's biography is available on the Krakow Auction House website [SEE].

If you would like to sell Wlastimil Hofman's paintings, please contact us [LINK].

XXXVIII Auction of Works of Art
18 June, 18:30 CEST/Warsaw
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6 010 EUR
7 212 - 12 019 EUR
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XXXVIII Auction of Works of Art
Tuesday, 18 June, 18:30 CEST/Warsaw
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