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Wladyslaw HASIOR (1928-1999), "Soul Guide" (1983)

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Estimations: 3 606 - 4 808 EUR
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Author: Władysław Hasior
Title: Soul Guide (1983)

Technique: assemblage
Dimensions: 100 x 68 x 23 cm
On the back an author's label with a description of the assemblage and the artist's handwritten signature: "Hasior W".

Anda Rottenberg once wrote that the objects assembled by Wladyslaw Hasior in assemblages undergo a process of reincarnation, gaining a new meaning, often rising to the status of a totem or object of worship. These words seem very apt in the context of the presented work "Soul Guide".
The specter of horror and the vision of death often accompany the artist's works. The guide of souls is a truly philosophical subject, balancing on the border of religion and philosophy precisely. The figure of the guide may be associated, for example, with the mythological Hermes or, in the Catholic religion, with Christ. However, Wladyslaw Hasior creates his own vision of the guide of souls, but does not avoid Christian symbols - the elements in the center of the composition seem to make up the figure of an angel, while in the part of the head there is a bowl with a white lamb in the center - a sign of sacrifice offered to God, a reference to Jesus, whose blood was often collected into chalices by angels in iconography. It is worth recalling that religion was only a point of reference for the artist, a specific language for human values. Thus, the work of Wladyslaw Hasior is in no way an altar or an object of worship, but its monumental form evokes in the viewer a kind of respect and an impression that it should be treated as such.
In the upper part of the assemblage the artist placed six legs, the horizontal part is also a limb that was once probably a fragment of a mannequin (the use of elements of toys and other objects of anthropomorphic appearance is a constant feature of Władysław Hasior's work). The latter ended with an element resembling a partisan grotto. These fragments make the guide both a promising protector, but also a potentially dangerous figure for stray souls.

Wladyslaw Hasior's biography is available on the Krakow Auction House website [SEE].

If you would like to sell Wladyslaw Hasior's works, please contact us [LINK].

XXXVIII Auction of Works of Art
18 June, 18:30 CEST/Warsaw
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2 404 EUR
3 606 - 4 808 EUR
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XXXVIII Auction of Works of Art
Tuesday, 18 June, 18:30 CEST/Warsaw
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